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What is Safetox ?

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Safetox is a constant current generator of rectangular biphasiques micro-pluses of high frequency. Electrical pulse shape is rectangular biphasic with electrical mean equal zero. By this way there is no electrical polarization and no risk of electro-chemical burns. Pulse duration equal the chornaxia of the targeted muscles (corrugator, frontalis and procerus).

The method uses basically the same « tools » that neuro-muscular electrical stimulation (NMES) but in order to get an « inhibition » instead of stimulation. The goal is to obtain a muscle relaxation and not a muscle contraction.

Therefore the device generates electrical impulses that trigger action potentials on the motorneurones of motor nerves. But the impulse frequency is very high (over 140 Hz) and maintained continuously in order to yield a so-called “electrical fatigue”. Consequently the muscle becomes unexcitable and relaxes totally. M wave on frontalis, corrugator and pyramidal vanishes within 3 minutes.


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