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Origins of Safetox

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Scientific papers report that electrical stimulation of trigeminal afferents induces long-term depression of human sensory processing. Moreover studies about migraine treatment with electrotherapy report positive outcomes.

In 2002 medical department and R&D of CEFALY Technology Company started to design a specific use-friendly medical device for the treatment of migraines and headaches by excitation of supraorbitalis and supratrochlearis nerves.

During the first pilot studies, some patients reported an improvement of their face appearance. After having initially neglected these patients remarks, some measurement were performed on wrinkles. It was noted that only high frequency with electrical intensity enough to act on motor nerves carry out some wrinkles diminution. Then it was decided to work on an electronic and electrode specific design indented to relax glabella muscles region. That was the beginning of the Safetox Beauty. A series of esthetic clinical tests were performed successfully and Safetox Beauty was launched on the European market mid 2006.   


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