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Prominent nasolabial fold (wrinkles btw nose and mouth)

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Everyone has the two creases that run alongside the sides of the nose obliquely down to the comers of the mouth. They become more prominent as we get older because of a slackening of the cutaneous tissue and loss of muscle tone and this is often accompanied by drooping mouth corners.

These combined effects cause the central part of the face to appear sad and old.

The action of Safetox on the rear muscles restores their dominant role. The posterior auricular muscles draw the skin on the lower part of the face towards the rear.

To rectify prominent nasolabial folds, the full action of Safetox is required in order to restore and even accentuate the dominant role of the posterior muscles. A minimum of one or two sessions per day for 3 months is required, followed by 2 or 3 sessions per week to maintain the effect.