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Deep lines on the forehead

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Do you have pronounced horizontal wrinkles on your forehead?
Perhaps you also suffer frequent headaches. Contractures and overuse of the forehead muscle are responsible for these wrinkles.

If you are under 50, daily use of Safetox for 6 weeks gradually inhibits the muscles of the forehead, allowing the opposite muscle (the occipital) to become dominant. This pulls the skin on the forehead towards the back and thus gets rid of the majority of wrinkles in this area. Your face opens up and you appear more serene and confident. Headaches occur less frequently.

If you are over 50 and have well-established forehead wrinkles, you might consider having one or two botulism toxin injections per year to complete the effect and maximise results.    

Safetox Beauty specifically inhibits the muscles of the forehead and prevents them from contracting. You will notice a clear improvement after just one session, with your forehead looking much smoother.