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I use cosmetic creams

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Most of us use beauty creams and these have improved considerably in quality over the last few years.

They protect against external toxic agents and have a real impact on both the hydration and grain of the skin.

However this action is limited to the outermost and finest layers of the epidermis. The skin is merely the superficial covering of the real mechanisms that take place further down, in the muscles of the skin.

Anti-wrinkle creams have a temporary tightening effect on the epidermis but cannot penetrate the skin to impact directly on the layers of muscles.

Only injections or Safetox impulses are able to act directly on muscle tissue to fight the causes of wrinkles. 
The application of a hydrating cream after a Safetox Beauty session is a useful complement to its deep action targeting the source of the problem.


Wrinkles treatment

I combat my Wrinkles with:

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