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I have already had a facelift ...

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bistouri1.jpgIn the context of having a facelift, the beneficial effects of Safetox Beauty may be experienced in the short, medium and long term.

In the first few weeks following intervention, Safetox improves blood flow and accelerates the recovery of traumatised tissue.  It re-establishes the muscular dynamics and restores vitality and expression to a younger-looking face.

In the first few months, the Safetox action complements the beneficial effect of the facelift by acting on the upper part of the face, essentially on the forehead, to eradicate tension lines and deep wrinkles.


In the long term, Safetox preserves and prolongs the effects of the facelift.
By inhibiting the “bad” muscles and activating the good muscles at the rear of the head, an active facelift effect maintains the effects of the operation, thereby combating the contractures responsible for the development of wrinkles.


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