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I combat my wrinkles using Hyaluronic acid

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restylanelevres3.jpgThis technique is principally used to enhance the lips and combat wrinkles in the nasolabial folds.

Injections are expensive, rather painful and the tissues remain traumatised for some days after the injection. This technique should therefore be used according to need, i.e. for a local effect and to reduce as far as possible the frequency of injections.

Before the age of 45, Safetox Beauty provides both an overall reduction of deep wrinkles and eradicates tension lines; there is therefore no need to resort to hyaluronic acid to combat wrinkles. However, Safetox beauty has no effect on plumping the lips. If this is the desired aim, there is no other option but to resort to injections, either of collagen or hyaluronic acid, with the use of Hyaluronic acid being more effective than collagen.

Beyond the age of 45, if deeper wrinkles are noticeable in the lower part of the face, Safetox Beauty may be combined very effectively with treatment using hyaluronic acid. This combats wrinkles around the mouth, whilst Safetox, through its overall active facelift effect, reduces those in the central and upper parts of the face.


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