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I combat my wrinkles using botulism toxin

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botox3.jpgSafetox Beauty provides a solution that avoids the need for injections before the age of 45. 

Before the age of 45, deep wrinkles are not very noticeable. They are smoothed out by the Safetox action and tension lines disappear. Safetox Beauty maximises your beauty assets and restores the muscular dynamics of a youthful face.

Injections of botulinum toxin are recommended over the age of 45 and in cases where deep wrinkles are very localised.

These can be highly effective but are very localised and unfortunately have side effects associated with them. Botulinum toxin should therefore be used judiciously. Frequency of injections should be reduced where possible and reserved for individuals with genuinely deep and very localised wrinkles. 

Botulinum toxin targets receptors within the myoneural junction where the nerve communicates with the muscle. The muscle fibres affected are therefore paralysed and this paralysis becomes even more extreme, when the quantity of botulinum toxin injected is increased.

Safetox Beauty may be used alone or as a complement to botulism toxin treatment.
As a complement to botulism toxin, it offers two advantages:

1. In addition to the localised effect of the botulism toxin injections, it has a generalised beneficial effect on the face.
2. it prolongs the effect of the injections, the frequency of which can be reduced by two-thirds.  


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