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Wrinkle reduction facts and figures.

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According to the different short, medium and long-term clinical studies carried out by CEFALY Technology and also by a series of independent laboratories and various specialist skin hospitals, Safetox Beauty achieves a reduction in wrinkle count of up to 83.3 % in the medium term.

reduction-rides-2.jpgShort-term results (after several sessions) :

  • Wrinkle depth:
    • Average reduction: -8.9%
    • Maximum reduction: -21%
  • Skin texture:
    • Average reduction: -11.1%
    • Maximum reduction: -36%

Medium-term results (after 6 to 12 weeks): 

  • Wrinkle count: 
    • Average reduction: -48.4%
    • Maximum reduction: -83.3%
  • Wrinkle length: 
    • Average reduction: -47.4%
    • Maximum reduction: -81.3%

Long-term results:

The preventive effect on the appearance of wrinkles is already well-established. It has been the focus of a large-scale international study for 5 years.
Several clinical observations have confirmed a reduction in wrinkles around the eyes in patients who have used Safetox for several months.


Combined Efficiency

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