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The principles behind it

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Safetox inhibits the muscles that cause wrinkles and stimulates the muscles that open up the face and lift the skin. 

Tiredness, stress and time lead to tension and cause contractures of the muscles in the central and upper part of the face.

Blood circulation is reduced, wrinkles appear and the face closes in on itself, having an adverse effect on its appearance. 

Safetox® combats such tension and contractures.
It re-establishes the dominant role of the upper muscles of the head, which open up the face, lift the skin and eradicate wrinkles.

In this way it restores the muscular dynamics of a youthful face.

Safetox® sessions allow you to educate the good muscles to dominate and the bad muscles to relax. Restoring the positive muscular dynamics in this way leaves your face looking calm, relaxed, young and radiant.


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