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The facial muscles

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The muscles ... responsible for causing wrinkles to appear.

The face is constantly active.  There are several muscles underneath the skin whose movements determine its general aspect and facial expressions. These facial muscles are also responsible for the wrinkles, fine or prominent, that appear on the epidermis.

The muscles of the central and upper part of the face are the “bad” muscles that close up the face, cause wrinkles to appear and can even lead to headaches. Tiredness, stress and arguing make their impact even more pronounced. Safetox works by inhibiting these “bad” muscles.

The posterior muscles are the “good” muscles and their movements open up the face and give an active facelift effect.


Educating the face with Safetox makes it possible to control and improve the movement of these “good” muscles.

An active facelift effect is achieved, drawing the scalp and ears backwards in order to tighten the skin on the face and opening it up to leave the face looking younger, more beautiful and radiant. Tension lines are gone and wrinkles are significantly reduced.


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