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Practical Use

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Easy to use but with optimal results.

Safetox Beauty is very easy to use.

It is the only facial care procedure that anyone can use on their own at home without the slightest difficulty.

All other facial care procedures require intervention by a doctor or beautician.

A Safetox Beauty session lasts 5 minutes and proceeds automatically with no need for any intervention.

The easiest regimen comprises one session every day for 3 weeks followed by 2 sessions per week to maintain the effects.

In practical terms, a session consists of 5 stages: 

nettoyage1.jpgStage 1: Cleaning the skin

Carefully clean the skin of the forehead using a “Safetox Prepare” wipe or mild soap and water. This stage is essential to remove all the grease from the skin and to ensure a good adherence of the patch.


placement-patch2.jpgSTAGE 2: Positioning the patch

Use a mirror to help you position the patch correctly.
The narrowest part points downwards with the bottom edge horizontally aligned with the bridge between the eyebrows.


placement-patch1.jpgSTAGE 3: Positioning your Safetox

Put the Safetox on, keeping the central part of the frame level with the forehead, and then lower it so that it hooks on to the button on the patch.


demarrage1.jpgSTAGE 4: Start

Push the button to start the session.
Press once for the novice user programme.
Press twice in succession for the initiated user programme, and press three times for the experienced user programme.


relax.jpgSTAGE 5: Session and end

During the 5-minute session simply relax or continue what you were doing.
Once the session has finished, lift the central part of the frame to detach it from the button and remove the Safetox.


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