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Physiological mechanism: "electro-inhibition"

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Electronic impulses are sent to the muscles to reduce wrinkles.

Safetox® uses electronic impulses which are sent to the target muscles using an adhesive patch.

These impulses inhibit the muscles in the central and upper part of the face (pyramidal, eyebrow and frontal).

The very specific impulses are set up in such a way as to temporarily suppress the excitability of the target muscles.

This technique is called electro-inhibition.

After several minutes, the high frequency of Safetox's impulses produce an ionic change in the muscle fibres (accumulation of extracellular K+ potassium), which eliminates any relaxation potential (or membrane potential), rendering the muscle fibres inexcitable.

This state of inexcitability leads to a state of deep relaxation and eliminates tone in the muscle fibres targeted.

Safetox® sessions modify the anteroposterior muscular balance of the head. With the anterior muscles relaxed, it is the posterior muscles (posterior auricular and occipital muscles) that become dominant. These pull on the ears and the skin of the forehead, opening up the face, eradicating tension lines and reducing deep wrinkles.


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