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Between 45 and 60, tension lines and wrinkles deepen

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  • Safetox tackles the cause of the problem at a deeper level
    The skin is merely the superficial covering of the real mechanisms that take place further down, in the muscular tissue: This is the area targeted by Safetox.
  • Safetox restores a positive muscular balance
    Bad muscles take over and the face closes in on itself. Muscles that cause wrinkles must be relaxed so that the posterior muscles can regain control and open up the face.
  • Safetox drains the skin.
    Capillary circulation is impaired and Safetox Beauty is the only way to dilate the blood vessels, and increase blood flow, oxygenation and drainage of the tissues.
  • Safetox restores the skin’s elasticity
    By inhibiting the “bad” muscles and activating the good, a kind of facial gymnastics takes place within the deepest layers of the epidermis. In addition to the increased blood flow, this skin gymnastics improves skin quality, restoring tone and elasticity.
  • Safetox has an overall effect on the entire face
    The inhibition of ‘bad’ muscles and activation of ’good’ ones results in an overall facelift effect.