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Between 35 and 45, wrinkles are already quite pronounced

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35-45.jpgBetween 35 and 45, Safetox Beauty works effectively both on muscle tension and wrinkles.

Safetox Beauty helps to smooth your tension lines and deeper wrinkles and restores the muscular dynamics of a youthful face. It relaxes muscle contractures in the central and upper parts of the face and re-establishes the dominant role of the muscles at the rear of the head which open up the face and lift the skin.

Between 35 and 45, Safetox Beauty's active facelift effect fully evolves. Treatment must be intensive, with one or two 5 minute sessions each day over 6 to 8 weeks, the time required to effectively smooth the chronic contractures that cause wrinkles. The process of re-establishing the strength of the muscles at the rear of the face is accelerated in order to restore their dominance, as occurs case in a younger person.

After this you should maintain your beauty assets with two to three Safetox Beauty sessions per week.

Occasional use is also highly effective. A 5 minute Safetox Beauty session after a stressful and tiring day will bring the glow back to your face. This is the result of the flash effect! Blood flow is made three times faster, draining toxins and reducing puffiness. Muscular tension is eased and wrinkles eradicated in the same way.