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Between 25 and 35: the first wrinkles appear

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Between 25 and 35, a combination of stress, fatigue and time cause the “bad” muscles to contract. Tension lines start to appear, with creases beginning to line the skin. This is the ideal time to use Safetox Beauty.

It is ineffective or even contra-indicated to use other more aggressive procedures that could prove harmful in the long term. The potential lies within you and it is enough simply to reactivate this potential. The problem is simply one of taut facial muscles which will not be able to resist the Safetox action which rapidly removes tension lines and eradicates those muscular contractures that cause the first creases to appear in the face.

One or two 5 minute sessions per day over 4 to 5 weeks restores the muscular balance in favour of the good muscles. Your face will soon regain the muscular dynamics of a 20 year old. After this, two or three sessions per week will maintain the effect and prevent the development of wrinkles.

Thanks to its unique ability to increase capillary blood flow, Safetox Beauty drains toxins and improves oxygenation of the skin, thereby preventing premature ageing.