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Below the age of 25, wrinkles are not yet visible

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avant-251.jpgThe ageing process begins at around the age of 18. Wrinkles have not yet developed, but already factors such as time, fatigue and stress have a negative impact on tissue quality.

The muscles of the central and upper parts of the face often become tight and contracted – the process that causes wrinkles to develop. This leads to a reduction in the skin’s elasticity, which can also be caused by the action of aggressive agents (toxins, sunlight, dry and polluted air, etc.)

At this stage Safetox Beauty is not required to treat wrinkles but it is ideal as a preventive measure. After 2 weeks of intensive daily use to become familiar with the technique, two to three 5 minute sessions will be sufficient each week to achieve a remarkable preventive effect.

Safetox Beauty counteracts the tendency to contract those bad muscles which close up the face and create wrinkles. Moreover, it is the only way to substantially increase blood flow to the skin and improve capillaries. In this way the drainage of toxins is improved, the skin benefits from better oxygenation and the onset of ageing is delayed.

When your days are long, tiring and marked by strenuous exertion, a puffy face with dark circles under the eyes will be restored to its former radiance with just a few short Safetox sessions.